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Home Products Products Range Analog Bar Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester Auto Calculate PI / DAR
Analog Bar Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester Auto Calculate PI / DAR

Analog Bar Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester Auto Calculate PI / DAR

Auto Calculate PI And DAR
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Auto Calculate PI And DAR
ACV Testing:
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Analog Bar And Digital Display
DCV Testing:
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Digital Insulation Resistance Tester
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PEAKMETER digital high voltage insulation tester


600V digital high voltage insulation tester


Analog Bar Digital Insulation Resistance Tester

Payment & Shipping Terms
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Product Size:284mm * 221mm * 121mm Product Weight : Approx. 1985g
Delivery Time:
5-40 work days
Payment Terms:
Supply Ability:
150,000 Pcs Per Month

Digital high Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester Auto calculate PI & DAR



Features of Digital Insulation Resistance Tester


  • AC and DC voltage measurement Function
  • Resistance measurement Function
  • Analog bar and Digital display
  • Auto calculate PI and DAR
  • Back Light Function
  • Comparing Function
  • Auto Power Off
  • Timing Function


Insulation Test
Rated voltage Measurement range Open circuit voltage Output circuit(specified load) Range Accuracy
250V 0.0MΩ∽250GΩ DC250V
At 250KΩ load:
0.0MΩ∽99.9GΩ ±(5%+3)
10.0GΩ∽50.0GΩ ±(10%+5)

±(20%+10), >50GΩ:


500V 0.0MΩ∽500GΩ DC500V
At 500KΩ load:
0.0MΩ∽9.99GΩ ±(5%+3)
10.0GΩ∽50GΩ ±(10%+5)

±(20%+10), >50GΩ:


1000V 0.0MΩ∽1000GΩ DC1000V
At 1MΩ load:
0.0MΩ∽9.99GΩ ±(5%+3)
10.0GΩ∽50GΩ ±(10%+5)
101GΩ∽500GΩ ±(20%+10)



2500V 0.0MΩ∽2.50TΩ DC2500V
At 2.5MΩ load:
0.0MΩ∽9.99GΩ ±(5%+3)
10.0GΩ∽100GΩ ±(10%+5)
101GΩ∽500GΩ ±(20%+10)



5000V 0.0MΩ∽5TΩ DC5000V
At 5MΩ load:
0.0MΩ∽9.99GΩ ±(5%+3)
10.0GΩ∽100.0GΩ ±(10%+5)
101GΩ∽1TΩ ±(20%+10)



Short circuit current Greater than 3.0mA
Voltage measurement
Voltage type Testing range Resolution ratio Accuracy
ACV 30∽600V(50/60Hz) 1V ±(2%+3)
DCV ±30∽±600V 1V ±(2%+3)
Power Supply 1.5V(LR14) *10 Batteries
Size 284mm×221mm×121mm
Net weight Approx.1985g (not include batteries)
Gross weight 5900g
Safety Rating EN61010-1, EN61557-1, EN61326-1 CAT. Ⅲ 1000V CAT.Ⅳ 600V


Description of Digital Insulation Resistance Tester


The MS5215 is a battery powered digital high voltage insulation resistance tester. The insulation resistance measurement of this instrument has 5 test voltage outputs, namely 250V, 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V; the maximum value of the measurable resistance is 5TΩ, the maximum short-circuit current is 3mA, the polarization index (PI) and Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR) can be automatically calculated, no other settings are required.


This instrument has the functions of automatic discrimination of AC and DC voltage, timing measurement, comparison, storage, backlight, automatic shutdown, automatic test prohibition and automatic discharge when the tested terminal is charged, which can protect the safety of testers. With its high precision, high stability and high reliability, this instrument is ideal for numerous overhauls, commissioning and preventive maintenance.


  • Display-It consists of an analog display, a main display and a secondary display. Large high-definition display with backlight function enables users to read clearly in dark environments.
  • Insulation measurement-Measurement maximum value, minimum value, average value, comparison upper limit value, comparison lower limit value, DAR, PI.
  • Data storage-The instrument can store up to 99 sets of data, and the new stored data will overwrite the original stored data when the data is stored. The stores data can be read and cleared according to user needs.


Detailed Images of Digital Insulation Resistance Tester


Analog Bar Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester Auto Calculate PI / DARAnalog Bar Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester Auto Calculate PI / DARAnalog Bar Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester Auto Calculate PI / DAR


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